Cultivating the next web3 generations
We Help Web3 Projects
Build & Scale Users and infrastructure Networks

We help network protocols reach African customers by building infrastructure and educating communities 

Our Experience
Long term experience with building Nodes, Dapps & community with multiple chains

We’ve been lucky to collaborate with a long list of partners, located in and out of Africa. We have worked with universities, blockchains and dapps to launch projects and build developer communities. 

What We Do Best
Accelerating Web3 Adoption & development through our technical and community engagement activities.

Node Setup

We produce blocks on various chain either to participate in consensus or as data notes. Our nodes bring blockchains closer to African users

Blockchain Marketing

We blockchains with marketing, news, PR etc to the African market. We have a network of both traditional and new media for outreach

Business Development

We help connect blockchains to key stakeholders in Africa such as universities, corporations and research institutions. Helping chains setup legal entities in Africa regions.

Community Management

We have run various communities on Discord, Telegram and Twitter with combined membership of about 200k. We can help chains build, manage and moderate African focused communities- both online and offline

Policy Advocayc

We engage in public policy to influence polices that create conducive policy environments for emerging technologies and ecosystems to find the right balance and thrive. We do this through workshops, reach publications and roundtable discussions.

Web3 Education

We help create educative content for adoption in schools and virtually. This include curriculum design, research and development and out-of-school training programmes. We also use hackathons to as a way of educating the student

How We Do It
We adopt a Multi-pronged approach towards building vibrant web3 communities and infrastructure

Blockchain Infrastructure Set Up

As professional infrastructure service producers, we specialize in walking and pushing beyond boundaries to provide world-class infrastructure that scales to meet protocol…

Community Management

We are building, engaging and managing blockchain communities across all verticals. We particularly focus on engaging and onboarding students, the corporate sector…

Blockchain Education

As Dapp owners, we understand how difficult it is to get developers to join or build projects from the region. We seek…

Research and Development

We do research into areas where web3 will have the greatest impact in emerging economies. Through partnerships with universities and other organisations,…
About Us

Block Producers for Champions

Let’s focus on infrastructure, more decentralisation, productive teams, improved adoption and simply just more peace of mind.

Data Centre Nodes

We have spaces at data centres across Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa to host custom and high-end blockchain nodes to meet your requirements. We scale and deploy the needed infrastructure to support your needs. We do this with cost in mind to make them efficient but affordable.

Custom Cloud Nodes

We also offer cloud-based node servers across Africa which is robust and dedicated to boost the scalability of the nodes we support. Our team works 24/7 to keep infrastructure secure and running. Our cloud servers a built to last and we have the capacity to support various chains and node requirements.
yensesa server management
Experienced Block Producers from Africa
Touching Lives Through Web3 Education

Developing Centres of Excellence

We believe in educating and building web3 knowledge and skills to drive growth. We develop curriculum, and course content for educating and training the next generations of youth from Universities. Through partnerships, we help talented individuals launch 

Appropriate for your specific business, making it easy for
you to have quality blockchain services.

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Community Members
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Dapps & Nodes
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Nodes hosted
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Blocks Produced
Why Us?

What makes us uniqe and trusted by many organisations?

We are well-experienced Dapp Developers and and Block Producers based in Africa who have deployed global software solutions. 


With over 10+ years experience in software engineering and entrepreneurship, we have built our skills in scaling applications and 

We love what we do and that is why we have been active in building a vibrant blockchain infrastructure and community as part of our ecosystem. 

Our team is is committed to the tasks at hand for projects that we work on. As we expand, we build the culture of passion amongst the team. 

We are doers who are hands on and adopt pragmatic and agile approach to doing our work. We believe the needs of the industry are dynamic and open to getting work done. 


Freequently Asked Question

Our infrastructure and solutions are distributed across the sub-region and continue to build more partnerships that expand our data centres and cloud servers. We offer and customise base on the resource requirements of the network
We are believers in community and ecosystem building. We therefore undertake blockchain education at university campuses, speak at events and help promote adoption of the chains the we support. We also help other developers build dev tools and solutions on partners chains. We have developed solution on Klaytn, Algorand, Bitshares and BNB and we assist other developers who have the interest to learn and build.
We want to grow together with our partners and hence maintain a agile approach to how to work and invest in node production. We want to work and deploy solutions that meet the blockchain needs.
We are multi-chain or chain agnostic. With our dedicate team, we able to deploy data (relay) nodes, governance or participating nodes as block producers. We have worked with many chains over the past 5 years and this has build our capabilities to deliver bespoke solutions on different chains. We also have best node monitoring services that we deploy to make sure our nodes re 99.99% online.
We are constantly expanding our team and look forward to new members. Besides the core team, we have other team members who work on projects when we are at peak seasons. Please contact us and we could start working together.
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    Team Members

    We are a team of Builders & Promoters


    Blaise Bayuo

    Blaise has 12+ years experience in deploying software services that scale to over 15,000 customers globally. He was part of the team to set node servers on Whaleshares, Steemit, Bitshares and Algorand. He also run blockchian Dapp on the Telos, Algorand and Klayton chain

    Blaise Bayuo

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    2022-07-30 14.19.49

    Kena Amoah

    Kena has deployed state-of-the art blockchain nodes and dapps for the past 5 years. He has build blockchain games, DeFi games on multiple chains. He recently led the deploying our our Algorand Relay node and currently working to deploy nodes on partner networks with whom we signed an MoU.

    Kena Amoah


    Mary Gaewu

    Mary is a computer engineering graduate and has experience deploying and managing enterprise servers with leading financial institutions such as Ecobank in Africa. She is a mentor to blockchain learners in Ghana

    Mary Gaewu


    Want to join us?

    Engineer/Biz dev
    We are constantly looking to expand the core team and will be happy to hear from you. Contact us if you want to join the team in any capacity. Come build with us.

    Want to join us?

    Engineer/Biz dev
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