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The Story of Cudos So far: From Testnet to Mainnet

  • 500,000 users signed up
  • 50,000 nodes
  • Users in 150+ countries
  • 22,000 developers signed up
  1. Token Sale and Exchange— 12 January 2021
  1. Apollo — this was the set-up phase where the team configured the base infrastructure on the Cosmos ecosystem.
  2. Buzz — At this stage, the team focused on stress-testing the platform using the community to catch bugs and other platform issues for bug fixing.
  3. Armstrong — The phase was adversarial where the team identified and remediated gaps as highly certified security consultants were employed to help test the security defences and response capabilities of the Cudos platform
  4. Collins — This was the migration testing where the team moved the testnet gradually to the mainnet with minimal disruption/downtime, with data integrity and no loss of data, while ensuring that all the specified functional and non-functional aspects of the application are met post-migration
  1. Migration of the Cudos testnet to the mainnet where every block or action taken has value and attracts rewards. The genesis block was created and all dapps and services on the testnet are supposed to follow suit.
  2. Token migration from the ERC20 to the native Cudos token also took place. But wait, no one will lose their old Cudos tokens. The Cudos bridge was launched to solve this problem. The Cudos Bridge is the tool for migrating or “bridging” your holdings between the Ethereum and the Cudos blockchains.