Cultivating the next web3 generations


Blockchain Infrastructure Set Up

As professional infrastructure service producers, we specialize in walking and pushing beyond boundaries to provide world-class infrastructure that scales to meet protocol needs.

Community Management

We are building, engaging and managing blockchain communities across all verticals. We particularly focus on engaging and onboarding students, the corporate sector and developer communities.

Blockchain Education

As Dapp owners, we understand how difficult it is to get developers to join or build projects from the region. We seek to help train…

Research and Development

We do research into areas where web3 will have the greatest impact in emerging economies. Through partnerships with universities and other organisations, we publish reports…
Who We Are?

Our depth & knowledge of the industry is proven

We provide technical infrastructure and business research that provide insights for easy consumption by the community. 

Community Engagement

Our community engagement and education activities are unparallel. W work with stakeholders in our activities to attain maximum impact

Technical infrastructure

With years of experience deploying Dapps, we are able to support web3 organisations that seek to decentralised and have presence in low-infrastructure areas such as Africa