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Blockchain Infrastructure Set Up

yensesa server management

We partner to grow decentralised infrastructure

With over a decade of experience, we’ve established ourselves as one of the pioneering blockchain infrastructure providers in the region. We produce blocks on various chains either to participate in consensus or as data nodes. Our nodes bring blockchains closer to African users. We understand that our partners sometimes need to deploy critical infrastructure or updates within a short time. We take up these challenges. As professional infrastructure service producers, we specialize in walking pushing beyond boundaries to provide world-class infrastructure

Why Yensesa?

We contribute to the growth of chains through our dapps and nodes to support chains grow.

Faster Node Deployment

We have built a team that understand how important it is to deploy quickly while meeting standards.

We serve the best work

By initiating your project with Yensesa, you get a dedicated and skilled team backing what we deploy. All our operations are designed to provide the best infrastructure services that are dependable in the regions.

Best quality

We invest
chains as well

Affordable and scalable